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Fiara Anti Blue Light Filter

Fiara Anti Blue Light screen filters
Do you feel tired after looking at a computer screen all day?
Do your eyes feel dry, sore and go red?
Are you afraid that the harmful blue light emitted from the LED light from your computer screen, tablet, laptop and phone is causing damage to your retina?
Are you afraid that your chances of developing various eye diseases such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration is greatly increased from blue light exposure (which can lead to significant vision loss)?
The Fiara Anti Blue Light filters developed by Fiara are an industry first with patented technology (IP Australia 2012) and are now sold through resellers in Melbourne.
Traditional screen filters (including UV) are manufactured with the filtering technology layer on the outside of the screen (usually plain plastic) whereas Fiara filters have the filtering technology embedded within the plastic. This makes the Fiara filters much more effective at filtering the blue light - so effective that at the wavelength of 400nm, it filters out 99.9% (as verified by an independent testing organisation in Sydney ISO9050:2003 / ATSM E903 - Transmittance & reflectance).
The filters are also RoHS compliant, which makes this product perfectly safe to handle and causes no health and environmental concerns.
Filters are available for computer monitors, TVs, iPad/iPhone/iMac, MacBooks.
Computer monitor filters simply just sit onto the screen and requires no tape so virtually no installation required. They start from $129.95 for 19'' and up to $159.95 for 27''. iPad filters are $64.90.
If you are a business/commercial/education customer, please contact us for a no obligation trial/demo or for quantity discounts.
For further detailed information such as technical data or price list, please email us.

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