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Here you will find reviews from various websites/publications/magazines that we feel may help you in deciding what products to buy or simply to get a feel on what is out there.
Feel free to contact us for further advice and recommendations when choosing a product - after all, we don't just sell but we also implement too so we get some experience with many of the products we sell.

Internet Security suite for Small/Medium Businesses - (20/3/2009)
Internet threats are all too common now. Spread through viruses, emails, downloads that we aren't even aware of or even just contracted via USB flash drives used on infected computers. They degrade the performance of PCs & networks, bring about error messages, corrupt programs & operating systems. Often important company data & information (i.e. passwords, banking details etc.) can be stolen by cyber criminals to be used for their benefits. See why we recommend and help businesses implement Trend Micro's Worry-Free Business Security suite and how it compares to other popular offerings.
View the full review at PC Authority's review section [here].
Acronis True Image 2009 backup software - (6/3/2009)
Have you ever had a hard drive with your important files suddenly fail on you? Want to archive gigabytes of data easily? Make an image of your whole hard drive so you can easily re-image your hard drive? Acronis'  True Image software is basic to use, affordable and simply just works. We've used it in-house and are impressed with it.
View the full review at PC Authority's review section [here].
Lenovo Thinkpad T500 laptop - From $1,999 (3/2/2009)
Are you looking for a laptop that is and has been traditionally the best regarded in terms of robustness, easily manageable (from an IT department's perspective), many small inovations to enhance usability and have long product lifecycles with parts and accessories? Look no further as Lenovo's T500 with a 15'' screen is a serious workhorse. 14'' versions in the T400 ranges also are available and provide for a lighter weight. Read why the Lenovo range is the choice of many for mobile usage in large and small businesses.
View the full review at PC Authority's review section [here].
Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook - RRP $749 (13/1/2009)
Netbooks are mini sized laptops that often weigh less than 1.5kg, with a screen size between 7''-10'', handy for light-weight usage such as web surfing, emailing, word processing & watching movies. Typically priced between $350-$950, it enables an affordable solution for families wanting to provide a young child to have a computer of their own or even grown ups to use on the move. See why the Lenovo S10's impressive build quality, robustness & after-sales support have allowed them to be the netbook choice for the New South Wales State Government tender to supply 220,000 netbooks to teachers & school students.
View the full review at PC Authority's review section [here].

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